garden · rototiller · work · summer2015


So while I hunt for work, I’m staying with my parents and doing odd jobs around the house. One of the things I’ve picked up is roto-tilling. My dad borrowed my uncle’s tractor and plow and dug up a fairly large plot that I’m now going over with the rototiller. It’s not too hard, but my hands are definitely not used to doing this level of work; I’ve got a few small blisters on each of my hands. Still, it does feel a bit rewarding to see the soil broken up and made ready for planting. I’ve got about one third done, and it’s slow going.

I hope it will make up for the lack of a mother’s day gift. If I get a job, hopefully I’ll be able to keep working on it, although all bets are off there. At any rate, I’ll have some experience under my belt if future me attempts any experiments in extreme gardening!

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