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Improving my math skills

One of the things I’ve found myself lacking is math proficiency. My field is computer science, and that depends on math for it’s more advanced branches. Since I would very much like to expand my pursuits into those higher areas, it is imperative that I understand advanced math. Unfortunately I’m actually at about a pre-algebra level

This is my progress through Khan Academy’s math course. It runs from basic addition and subtraction through calculus, and has skills segregated into grade level as well. This summer I want to improve my math skills so that by the end of summer I can understand math well enough to complete the Khan Academy algorithms course.

I originally started the algorithms course over Thanksgiving break in the fall sememster, however I got hung up because I didn’t understand the math they were using to explain how algorithm efficiency is measured. At that time I worked on improving for a few days, but then I had to go back to school, and that effort fizzled. So today, when I was thinking about how I could take advantage of the time that I have while I’m not working. I hit upon my abortive attempt to improve my math skills and decided to revive it.

After today, this is how my math history looks: Hopefully I’ll keep at this and my other projects this summer (I’ve got 5 now). It’s a lot of stuff, but self improvement is a continous process, and the more ways you push the bar the better.

Today’s progress:

This is post 2 in my challenge with Scott Cleveland to blog everyday.

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