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Do implement your own crypto

It’s been a long time since I wrote something new on here.

Recently I and a coworker started a pair programming project. It made sense from a team building standpoint. He wanted all of our four person development team to do it, but in the end only I was available. It was mostly his idea, me having my own big side project still unfinished I wasn’t going to push too hard towards doing another thing.

But it was a good idea all the same so once we settled on a project, date, and time we began. And I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. We’re reimplementing hash functions from the RFCs starting with MD5 because that seemed a manageable undertaking. I wish there were some way to replicate this during the 9 to 5. I could do this all day.

There’s math, but it’s not too difficult. There’s social interaction, but it’s not too awkward. We settled on the Go computer language because it’s systems focused, has good built in tooling, and doesn’t require a lot of memory management. It installs and works well on both Linux and Windows, which is a plus. In short, we are very near to the ideal programming environment.

When we finished for the evening, we were two steps away from finishing the function. I felt a strange paradox, our evening’s subject was more difficult than those of the workday but I felt it had come much more easily than the code I had produced that afternoon. I didn’t want to stop. Show business says to “always leave them wanting more.” And I do.

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